If you are a employee or an ex employee of a UK train operating company you are more than likely entitled to FREE or REDUCED rate
UK and European rail travel.

If you have been in employment for the train operating company for over twelve months and are entitled to PRIV rate or even FREE travel in the UK, then you, your partner and dependant children should be entitled to FREE or REDUCED RATE travel on the European train system.

This is also available to Network Rail safeguarded staff in employment pre 1995, although newer Network Rail staff do not get this privilege.

How does it work?

1. You use a FIP International Reduced Rate Card (FIP Card) to get a discount on trains across Europe.

2. You use your FIP International Free Travel Coupons (Coupons) for (in most cases) completely free travel.

The First thing to do is apply for your FIP Card now, even before you know your travel itinerary.

You can then order your Coupons once you have your travel itinerary planned out.

How do I apply for my FIP Card?

You can apply for a FIP Card from your Employers personnel office, giving them at least 6 weeks notice.

The card gives you reduced rate travel on most European railways, including Eurostar, any time you want to go.
The card covers most trains in most countries, notably except Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden.

Most European national railways simply give either 50% or 75% off their normal full-price fares, but Eurostar and a few other services such as Thalys and Lyria offer special cheap priv fares for holders of this card.

FIP Card prices including RailTourGuide Booking Fees and postage costs:

Eurostar 2016 Prices: 
London St Pancras to Paris Nord or Brussels Midi
Standard Class One Way = £45.00 per FIP card holder
Standard Class Return = £79.00 per FIP card holder


Standard Premier Class One Way = £59.00 per FIP card holder
Standard Premier Class Return = £129.00 per FIP card holder.

Remember: You need to apply for your FIP Card at least 6 weeks before travel.

Example of FIP Card













How do I apply for my Coupons ?

You can apply for your Coupons at least 3 weeks before you intend to travel from your employers personnel or HR office.

You are entitled to order one International Free Coupon for each European country per year, or 2 per year in a few cases such as the Netherlands and (if you’re salaried staff) France and Belgium.

Each coupon has 4 boxes printed on it, and when you write the date in a box it gives you 48 hours free travel on that country’s national rail network from 00:00 on day 1 to 24:00 on day 2.
For international journeys, you simply need a coupon for each of the countries that your travel itinerary will pass through.

Please note that Your Coupons do not apply to the following services:

Eurostar (London-Paris, London-Brussels),
Thalys (Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam/Cologne),
Lyria (Paris-Switzerland),
Thello (Paris-Italy sleeper trains) or
Paris-Italy TGVs, plus a handful of other services,

The above services offer special FIP Leisure Fares with the FIP International Reduced Rate Card instead.

The class of travel is the same as you get in Britain, so if you have a STD class PRIV you will be entitled to SECOND class travel across Europe.

Remember: The coupons are valid for 3 months from the date they’re issued.
Remember: Take your FIP International Reduced Rate Card as back up
Remember: You must sign at the bottom of the coupons.

Example of Coupons





This is a coupon for free  travel on SNCF French Railways, issued to a member of staff working for SNCB (Belgian railways)



Reservations and Supplements:
RailTourGuide is your best place to book Reservations and Supplements. The normal supplements apply for seat reservations, couchettes or sleepers, as they would with a normal ticket or pass holder.

It’s compulsory to reserve and pay supplements for some trains, the arrangements and cost for particular train types are pretty similar.

We charge booking fees for this service and these will be made clear and transparent in our quotation to you.

RailTourGuide aim to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours during our normal office hours.

Booking Windows:
Most trains can be booked from 90 days in advance.

On the most frequent routes Eurostar can be booked from 120 days in advance.
Trains to Disneyland and the ski and summer trains can be booked from 180 days in advance.
Please contact us for up to date information.

Generally, as all types of accommodation are subject to availability, we recommend booking as early as possible.

Please note the above information is subject to change.

If you wish to make an enquiry or a booking, please use the contact form below.

Alternatively you can call 0191 246 0708 or contact sales@railtourguide.com 

The FIP Card and Coupons that entitle you to purchase these supplements or reduced rate tickets are provided by
your employer or ATOC.



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