Taking the train from Naples to Sorrento

May 1 2015


Sorrento the popular Italian tourist spot might feel like a sun-soaked island paradise once you reach there, but it’s very much on the Italian mainland – and so therefore easily reached by the local Circumvesuviana local train service which runs from Naples along the coast. Between Naples and Sorrento (depending on the train you choose), stops include Herculaneum and Pompeii, as well as several other coastal towns en route.

Trains from Naples Central to Sorrento leave from the main station about every half-hour between 06:00 and 23:00 every day, and the journey can take between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes (again, depending on the train). If you want a faster journey, take the trains marked “direttissimo” as they are quicker than the “diretto” trains, because they make fewer station stops along the way.

Please also note that part of the main Naples Central railway station is dedicated to the Circumvesuviana and is downstairs from the regular Intercity and Regional trains.

RailTourGuide do not sell rail tickets for the Circumvesuviana connecting train, however these can be purchased from a ticket booth or an automated machine, and a simple one-way ticket will cost you around €5.00. If you’re making a day-trip of it and will be returning to Naples later on the same day, ask at the ticket booth about buying a ticket that’s basically a day-long pass which will allow you to return to Naples anytime before midnight. It’s more than the one-way ticket, but less than buying two separate one-way tickets would be.
While taking the train to Sorrento from Naples Central is probably the cheapest option, please be aware that the Circumvesuviana train features in many stories of tourists getting their pockets picked that even if only half of them are true, it’s still an alarmingly high number of pickpockets who frequent those trains. If you do opt for the train, just make sure you’re wearing your money belt in a secure way and that you’re paying special attention to your bags and belongings. We would not want this to spoil your holiday experience!

Speed boats and water taxis are also available to take you to and from Sorrento. Please contact your Travel Agent for further information.

We hope you find this information useful.