Here are some of the FAQs that we have received from Travel Agents


How do I make a booking or enquiry with you?
We say, it is totally up to you! whatever your preference is that is fine by us.

Most Agents love the fact that they can email us directly or complete bookings on our website using our tailored Agent Booking Tools.
Or you if would like to speak to our Team then please feel free to call us on 0191 246 0708… whatever you want to do, we will leave this up to you!

How long does it normally take for my enquiry to be answered?
We know how important quick turnaround times are for you and your clients, so we always get back to you in a timely manner which we know is important when you have customers waiting for quotes. So we aim to get back to you within one hour during normal office hours.

How do your costs compare with say Rail Europe and Voyages SNCF?
Our prices are very competitive and we are always checking our prices against our competitors. Please always show us a quotation you have received and we will always try to beat or at least match the price. Our fares offer great value and we will always try to save your clients money. Sometimes we may be a little pricer, however we make up for this on the excellent service we offer you as our Agents.

How are your quotations presented?
Our quotations are clear and very easy to read. There are no hidden charges and the price you see is the price you pay. We will issue you with a quotation reference number and you can refer to this in any future communication.

How much commission will I receive?
On most of our products we offer a commission level of 10%

How do we receive some brochures?
Our EBrochure can be downloaded from our homepage on our website.
If you require paper brochures please just email us on providing us with your branch address and the amount of brochures you require and we will be happy to get these posted to you.

Do you sell Group tickets?

Yes, this is something we can arrange for you please contact us for more details