Spacious and comfortable
Come with us direct to the heart of some of the continent’s most exciting destinations, with Eurostar routes between London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne and more.
Forget hanging around for hours in airport lounges, wasting time in traffic, or worrying about weight limits on luggage and no liquid restrictions.This is high-speed, low stress travel.
If you do need a little assistance along the way, our friendly team is happy to help.
Once on board, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the view from your comfy seat. Travel doesn’t get much better than this.
And you can travel without the weight of a huge carbon footprint on your shoulders, because you’ve chosen the greener way to go.
Travel in style in Standard Premier and enjoy a light meal and a tipple or two on the move.

London routes Standard Premier

2 pieces of luggage 1 hand luggage.
A light meal and drinks served at your seat.
Extra spacious seats.
Power socket at seat.
Free WIFI.

Continent routes Comfort
2 pieces of luggage 1 hand luggage.
Extra spacious seats.
EU plug socket at seat.
Free WIFI+
Snacks, meals and drinks available to buy.