EuroTunnel Le Shuttle Now Le Shuttle

Freedom and flexibility
Taking your car to the Continent offers you complete travel independence and lets you take control. Le Shuttle are the fastest cross-channel operator, with a crossing time of just 35 minutes, so you arrive on the Continent quicker than you think.
The fares offer you good value, giving you cheaper fares when you plan ahead and travel at quieter times. Crossings are frequent, with up to 4 departures an hour at peak times.

The environmentally-friendly way to travel to France
If you’re looking for a more sustainable way to travel, taking a train to France via LeShuttle is the answer. We emit 73 times less greenhouse gas crossing the Channel than alternative transport option. Our trains are 100% electrical and powered with 56% renewable electricity


-Faster than a ferry, Greener than a plane, Take your car by Train.
-Folkestone to Calais in 35 minutes.
-Fast rapid, channel crossing.
-Up to 4 departures per hour.
-Motorway to motorway access.
-1 ticket covers 1 car and up to 9 passengers.
-No baggage restrictions or fuel supplements.
-Just remember your Passport.
-Duty Free shopping.



















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