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Welcome to Norway

There are so many scenic journeys to see during your journey through Norway, like travelling the scenic Flam railway where you can see the amazing Norwegian Fjords. 

Whilst Norway is famous for its mountainous landscapes, in the capital city of Oslo you’ll find plenty of green open spaces, as well as the famous Viking Ship Museum! If it’s outdoor activities you’re after, Norway is one of the best Scandinavian counties to try your hand at hiking, fishing, and skiing.

Take in the Norwegian scenery by train

The trains in Norway are modern, comfortable and offer a great way to go from city to city.

Most trains have both a Second class section and a small section for First class travel called ‘Komfort Seating’. Seat reservations are not required on most Intercity and Long Distance services.

Norwegian trains operate between the key cities of Bergen, Trondheim, and the capital city of Oslo offering high-speed connections.

If you are looking to continue your travels, trains also operate across the border into Sweden.

Sit back relax and enjoy the scenery go by on your Norway rail journey…

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