Scandinavian Rail Adventure

Scandinavian Rail Adventure

The Scandinavian Rail Adventure is a must!
This route is a 15 day trip taking you from Berlin through to the best bits of Scandinavia.You’ll spend 14 nights in your accommodation and you’ll travel by train during the day.


15 Days / 14 Nights

Berlin > Copenhagen > Oslo > Stockholm > Helsinki

Trip Style
We’re all about everything Scandi – and that extends to our Scandinavian 2 week trip! Take our 2 week
option to discover the best of Europe’s Nordic nations. This is the perfect route if you’re after stylish
cities with plenty of shopping and foodie opportunities. Snowy scenery and skiing options also makes it a
perfect winter escape! Fancy a quick getaway instead? Cram it all into a whistlestop tour with our 1 week
Scandinavia backpacking option.

Trip Description
Feeling stylishly Scandinavian? This two-week adventure was made for you!
You can’t say you’ve travelled all of Europe until you’ve been to Scandinavia. This land of natural beauty and
minimalistic style is huge and so different to the rest of Europe, we thought it deserved a whole package to

Start your interrail trip around Northern Europe with a couple of nights in Berlin before heading to the
Danish capital. The liberal and charming city of Copenhagen is sure to win you over with its amazing
architecture and friendly locals. Don’t miss out on seeing its jaw-droppingly beautiful nearby castles, too!
Then make your way up north (with a camera to hand) through the stunning Swedish countryside and into
Norway. Its capital, Oslo, will welcome you with open arms, offering a range of museums and sights all
within easy walking distance. Venture further out into the fjords and you’ll also get to experience the great
Scandi outdoors with the most stunning of backdrops.

Interrail back through Sweden on a train headed to colourful Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities in
the world. Contemporary, slick and stylish are just a few words we could
use to describe this gem! After a couple of nights here, take the overnight ferry across the Baltic Sea to
Helsinki, Finland – a harbour town set on a picturesque fjord. Brimming with edgy art and an alternative
bar scene, you’ll have plenty of photo ops!

If you don’t want to stop there, then you can always nip across the Finnish Gulf to explore the Baltics,
starting in Tallinn, Estonia.

What’s included?
• All overland transport tickets from the first to the last city, as shown in the key.
• Any Interrail or Eurail passes if required, based on the best value for you.
• Compulsory seat reservations on high-speed rail, night trains or ferries.
• Accommodation in top-rated, centrally located hostels or hotels, tested by us.
• Walking directions between the stations and your booked accommodation.
• Optional walking tours, pub crawls and other activities at our partner hostels.
• A personalised travel booklet with maps, language guides, top tips, and more.
• Access to your itinerary, tickets and documents on the Euroventure App.
• Access to our 24hr emergency phone number while you’re away.

This is a fast-paced trip offering a great combination of Northern European, Scandinavian and Baltic cities.
Journeys are mid-length to long, usually at least 3-4 hours each and involving some full days of travel, but
we’ll always ensure that you arrive in good time to make the most of each city. Your travel to and from the
UK is included, so you can relax safe in the knowledge that everything’s sorted in advance.

Berlin (3 Nights)
Berlin is the alternative, cool kid of Europe and a pro at being edgy. It’s how people dress, their liberal
attitudes, the graffiti, the skaters and BMXers, the art, the clubs and the food. Berlin is also crammed full of
fascinating WWII history around every corner.

• See a section of the old Berlin Wall
• Climb the dome of the renovated Reichstag
• Discover the nightlife of Schoneberg and Kreuzberg

Copenhagen (3 Nights)
Copenhagen is a place where equal rights and liberal attitudes take precedence, a land where the
atmosphere incredibly safe and remarkably relaxed. Make sure you visit the hippie commune of Christiania
where squatters’ rights still hold sway.

• Visit the little mermaid
• Go to one of the world’s oldest theme parks
• Sample the fruity beers at plenty of microbreweries

Oslo (2 Nights)
Oslo will take you by surprise. It is not a big city, but it has exceptional museums and you can walk all over
and around it into the overlooking hills. Head to the ski jump for a thrilling view but if that’s not your thing
go and see Edvard Munch’s The Scream at The National Gallery.

• See some excellent preserved viking ships
• Understand Norway’s heritage at the Folk Museum
• Have a go at the ski jump overlooking the city

Stockholm (3 Nights)
Stockholm has been described as the most beautiful city in Europe with its calm waterways, colourful
buildings and cobbled streets. The Swedes are known for their sleek design, polite manners and propensity
to have fun. Forget the meatballs, Stockholm has much more.

• Wander up the cobbled streets of the old town
• Admire the colourful skyline from a boat tour
• Visit the ABBA museum

Helsinki (2 Nights)
Helsinki is understated elegance – sophisticated and arty. Here is where you’ll find Finland’s national gallery
and museum, as well as an array of day trip options further afield. Take a boat out to Suomenlinna Sea
Fortress or visit the world famous Rock Church, a space age cathedral carved right into the stone in Toolo,

• Visit the Finnish folk museum with live actors
• Stroll through the magnificent Sibelius Park
• Take a boozy sightseeing tour on the red pub-tram

How to get there
The quickest way to get to Berlin and home from Helsinki will be to book a budget flight each way. Check
SkyScanner or Kayak for prices. You could also start off by taking the train to Berlin, so just ask us about
adding this on.

If you require anymore information on this tour please email



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