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Your journey through Switzerland

Famous for its incredible mountainous landscapes including the photographer’s favourite The Matterhorn, tangy swiss cheese and the financial centre of Zurich, Switzerland is a country like no other!

Whether you’re looking to do a spot of hiking, take a gentle wander around the famous capital Bern, or enjoy a Swiss Alps skiing adventure, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice in this diverse country in central Europe. 

Rail Travel in Switzerland

The trains in Switzerland are modern and comfortable, they offer a great way to go from city to city through some of the most diverse landscapes in the world.

Most Switzerland trains have both Second class and First class seating, and seat reservations are possible on most Long Distance and Overnight services.

Trains operate between many cities, such as Zurich, Basel, and Geneva, passing through some stunning scenery.

Travel by rail in Switzerland and your journey will be fascinating and unforgettable.

Continuing your journey

Trains also operate across the border into Italy, Germany and France.

Speciality Services

Take an iconic journey through Switzerland on our three iconic journeys: The Gotthard Panorama Express, The Glacier Express, and The Bernina Express.

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