The Glacier Express

The Window To The Alps

The Glacier Express is definitely a bucket-list worthy journey! You’ll take in some of the most incredible sights in the world, like the three cantons of Valais, Uri and Graubünden.


About this journey

The Glacier Express is a daily train, running from 15th December 2019 to 9th May 2020 on the winter timetable, and from 9th May to 11th October on the summer timetable.

The whole trip takes around eight hours, and each turn and glide is filled with breathtaking sights and panoramic views. You’ll get to see:

  • St. Moritz, one of the most elegant holiday resort in Switzerland with traditional buildings and stunning views.
  • The Albula Line, famous for its spiral tunnels and the Solis and Landwasser viaducts.
  • Switzerland’s “Grand Canyon”, the Rhine Gorge.
  • The breathtaking Oberalp Pass, an iconic vision of Switzerland’s landscape.
  • The alpine village of Zermatt, where you’ll be treated to views of the world-famous Matterhorn mountain.


Your incredible journey starts here…

Leg 1 – Zermatt to Brig

Leg 2 -Brig to Andermatt

Leg 3 -Andermatt to Chur

Start at the world-famous Matterhorn mountain in the car-free village of Zermatt. This is a favourite spot for landscape photographers, make sure you snap a few pictures before you leave!

We start 1605m up and descend down to 651m to Brig, through some incredible rocky scenery on the way.

Well depart from Brig and almost immediately cross the Rhone as we continue into the Upper Rhone Valley where we’ll reach an altitude of 1366m.

We’ll continue through the tunnel along a fairly flat stretch from Realp to Andermatt.

The Oberlap Pass begins from Andermatt, as we wind our way from 1436m to 2034m, reaching the highest part of our journey. From November to April this area, the beginnings of the Rhine, is usually covered in snow.

From here, we’ll cross the Rhine Valley and down into Chur, the largest town and our lowest point of the route at 585m. You’ll have the opportunity to take in the Rhine Gorge between Ilanz and Reichenau, nicknamed the “Swiss Grand Canyon”.


Leg 4a – Chur to St. Moritz

Leg 4b – Chur to Davos

We’ll change direction here and head towards Reichenau, turning south on the way towards Thusus and Tiefencastle where you can enjoy some castle and ruins spotting along the Domleschg Valley.

We’ll carry on heading south and cross the incredible Landwasser viaduct before reaching Fillisur. We’ll loop around as we climb in altitude towards the Albula tunnel entrance at 1789m. The tunnel opens up in the Upper Engadine Valley where we glide along to our destination of St Moritz.

This final part of the journey will overlap with another beautiful route, The Bernina Express.

An alternative option to the St Moritz route.

Leve the Glacier Express train for a local train to Davos. This route will take you across the world-famous Wiesner Viaduct, definitely a sight worth seeing!


  • The three-course menu is prepared freshly in the on-board kitchen and served to you at your seat.

Other Information

  • There is a lost property service
  • Panoramic windows allow guests to immerse themselves in the surroundings
  • Excellence Class on 902, 903 & 923 (16.03. – 05.04.2020 no Excellence Class service available)
  • Seat reservations are obligatory
  • No dogs on board

Please note: There will be no Glacier Express trains running between 14.10. to 14.12.2019


Summer Timetable

Zermatt – St. Moritz/Davos

PE 900 902(2) 904 906
Zermatt dep 07.52 08.52 09.52
Brig arr 09.12 10.12 11.12
Andermatt arr 10.46 11.46 12.46 15.46
Andermatt dep 10.54 11.54 12.54 15.54
Disentis arr 11.55 12.55 13.55 16.55
Disentis dep 12.11 13.11 14.11 17.11
Chur arr 13.24 14.15 15.15 18.24
Chur dep 14.32 15.32 18.58
Thusis arr 19.28
Tiefencastel arr 15.27 16.27 19.46
Filisur (3) arr 15.41 16.41 20.00
Bergün arr 20.14
Samedan arr 16.29 17.29 20.45
St. Moritz arr 16.38 17.38 20.58

St. Moritz/Davos – Zermatt

PE 901 903(2) 905 907
St. Moritz dep 07.02 09.15 10.20
Samedan dep 07.16 09.25 10.28
Bergün dep 07.47
Filisur (3) dep 08.01 10.19 11.19
Tiefencastel dep 08.15 10.33 11.33
Thusis dep 08.33
Chur arr 09.03 11.18 12.18
Chu dep 09.26 11.26 12.26 14.16
Disentis arr 10.27 12.27 13.27 15.27
Disentis dep 10.37 12.37 13.37 15.37
Andermatt arr 11.52 13.52 14.52 16.52
Andermatt dep 12.08 14.08 15.08 17.08
Brig arr 13.40 15.40 16.40 18.40
Brig dep 15.50 16.50 18.50
Zermatt arr 17.10 18.10 20.10