Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Roar into the 20s with the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is an experience like no other. 100 years on from the roaring 20s, this journey brings the period back to life with an immersive experience by transporting you back in time and spoiling you with luxurious surroundings.

Take in the glamour of the Golden Age with this elegant train journey from Venice to London and celebrate the news 20s in the style and spirit of a bygone era.

About this journey

Kick-off the new 20s with a bang, by indulging in the Golden Age of 100 years ago. Travel through European Cities in style, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

Luxurious accommodation is included, from your stay at the iconic Belmond Hotel Cipriani to the glamorous and sumptuous surroundings of this elegant train. Journey through the incredible landscapes of Europe whilst enjoying a nod to the Art Deco style of yesteryear.

Enjoy vintage cabins, fine cuisine and stylish onboard entertainment on this incredible journey into the past.

Step aboard the historic carriages of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and uncover a hidden jewel, glittering and timeless.

An uncontested icon of the rails, this train has long captured the hearts and imaginations of glamorous guests. Three elegant dining carriages exude culinary sophistication, from Lalique glass inlays in Cote d’Azur to black lacquer panels in L’Oriental. The Bar Car glows with a champagne sparkle while the resident pianist fills the air with sweet melodies. A steward in blue and gold livery waves with a white-gloved hand, welcoming you on board with a knowing smile. Settle in to your cabin, adorned with art-deco details and French-polished cherry wood, and sit back as a grand voyage begins


In 1977 Belmond’s founder, James B Sherwood, purchased two vintage train carriages at a Monte Carlo auction.

Recognising a renewed appetite for sophisticated travel, he searched far and wide to unearth stately rail relics in private gardens, museums and railway sidings. Cars from famous vintage trains, including Le Train Bleu and the Rome Express, deserved a noble return to service, but required a specialised level of craftsmanship to be restored. Luckily a handful of artisans were found for the task, and they began the painstaking process of returning the carriages to their former glory.

Following years of careful restoration, the iconic midnight-blue cars finally rolled onto the rails in 1982, ready to escort guests in peerless luxury on a classic journey between London and Venice.


Take the classic route from London to Venice, the gateway to the Orient. This breathtaking journey through rural French farmlands and Swiss Alpine valleys can be travelled in either direction, or both. Go further afield with Paris to Istanbul, an authentic adventure over six days to the edge of Europe. Delve into culture with stops in Budapest and Bucharest before arriving in soulful Istanbul.

Paris to Berlin is the newest journey in the repertoire, a thrilling voyage connecting two of Europe’s most vibrant cultural hubs. The tradition of the grand tour thrives with a luxurious escape on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.





Below are the Journey Dates for the 2020/2021 season




















London or Paris TO Verona or Venice on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
(departs on Thursdays and Sundays as per tables below)

This Luxury train departs from London Victoria railway station at 10.00am and arrives into Venice St Lucia railway station the next evening at around 18.25pm, it also stops in Verona, Italy around 16.35pm prior to arriving into Venice. This overnight journey can also be taken from Paris!

To Verona or Venice
Thursday Departures
10 September 202017 September 202022 October 202012 November 202018 March 202125 March 2021
01 April 202108 April 202122 April 202129 April 202113 May 202120 May 2021
03 June 202117 June 202101 July 202108 July 202115 July 202122 July 2021
29 July 202105 August 202112 August 202102 September 202109 September 202116 September 2021
23 September 202107 October 202121 October 202104 November 2021--
To Verona or Venice
Sunday Departures
20 September 2020Sunday 04 October 202011 October 202025 October 202009 May 202116 May 2021
23 May 202130 May 202113 June 202127 June 202119 September 202126 September 2021
10 October 202117 October 202124 October 202131 October 202107 November 2021-


Venice or Verona TO Paris or London on the Venice Simpson-Orient-Express
(departs on Wednesdays and Saturdays as per tables below)

This Luxury train departs from Venice St Lucia railway station at 11.30am, Verona 13:00pm and arrives into London Victoria railway station the next evening at around 18.00pm, it also stops in Paris  if you or your customers wished to leave the train in the French capital!

To Paris or London
Wednesday Departures
16 September 202021 October 202004 November 202017 March 202124 March 202131 March 2021
07 April 202114 April 202121 April 202128 April 202112 May 202119 May 2021
02 June 202109 June 202123 June 202107 July 202114 July 202121 July 2021
28 July 202104 August 202111 August 202117 August 202108 September 202115 September 2021
22 September 202106 October 202103 November 2021---
To Paris or London
Saturday Departures
19 September 202026 September 202010 October 202024 October 202010 April 202115 May 2021
22 May 202105 June 202126 June 202118 September 202125 September 202123 October 2021
06 November 2021-----


Whats Included

  • One night aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express luxury train
  • Each cabin has a washbasin, hot and cold water, towels, bathrobes and slippers
  • Many cabins have adjoining doors and can be converted to ‘Cabin Suites’
  • WC’s are located at either or both ends of each sleeping car
  • Bespoke amenities and complimentary designer bathrobes


  • Three dining cars
  • A three-course lunch on the outward journey
  • Fine-dining silver service
  • A sumptuous four-course dinner
  • A continental breakfast served in your cabin
  • A delicious three-course brunch and afternoon tea as you journey towards London
  • Guaranteed table of 2 at guest’s preferred sitting time and dining car, or the choice to dine privately in the suite
  • Complimentary alternative “A la Carte” menu during lunch or dinner
  • Private dining for lunch or dinner in guests suite if preferred
  • Complimentary “A la Carte” celebration breakfast in the suite (to be pre-ordered the day before)
  • Complimentary Caviar on arrival and free-flow champagne served throughout in the suite

Other Services

  • Specially created monogrammed gifts
  • Sample the finest Champagnes in our exclusive bar
  • Enjoy the evocative sound of the baby grand piano, played by our resident pianist
  • Exclusive car or boat transfers between station and city centre accommodation (or vice versa) at the start and end of your train journey
  • Check-in at your hotel/curb-side meet and greet as appropriate

For more information, availability and prices for the Venice Simplon Orient- Express please email


Other Routes in which the Venice Simplon Orient-Express operates

  • Paris to Venice (1 Night)
  • Paris to Verona (1 Night)
  • Venice to London (1 Night)
  • Verona to London (1 Night)
  • Venice to Paris
  • Verona to Paris
  • London–Venice–London (2 Nights*)
  • Venice–Prague–London, Venice–Budapest–London (2 Nights*)
  • Venice–Prague (1 Night) or Venice-Budapest (1 night)
  • Prague–London or Budapest–London (1 Night)
  • Venice–Vienna–Paris (1 Night)
  • Venice–Vienna–London (2 Nights*)
  • Vienna–Paris (1 Night)
  • Vienna–London (1 Night)
  • London–Berlin or vice versa (1 Night)
  • Paris–Berlin or vice versa (1 Night)
  • Innsbruck–London (1 Night)
  • London–Paris (Day Journey)
  • Paris–London (Day Journey)

Please contact for more information on Other Routes available





Istanbul Suite

  • Hand-carved timber
  • Embossed leather
  • Exaggerated metal details
  • Embroidered pillows and rugs echo of the Grand Bazaar

Paris Suite

  • Light and classic this chic suite draws on the French capital’s grand architecture with flourishes of haute couture.

Venice Suite

  • Silk, woven fabrics, glass lamps and Venetian furniture reflect grand Italian Baroque and renaissance design.