The Indian Pacific

A Transcontinental Australia Rail Adventure

Take a trip across Australia, from Perth to Sydney, across some of the most incredible landscape in the world.

This is a fantastic 4352km journey, stretching from the Indian to the Pacific Oceans. You’ll get to take in rocky mountains, lush forests, arid deserts and shining goldfields, who knows what you’ll find?

Your Aussie adventure awaits!

About this journey

Choose from three journey options:

Sydney to Perth – Our full coast to coast tour

Sydney to Adelaide – The Mountain Explorer

Adelaide to Perth – The Nullabor Crossing

Travel along the well-worn track of gold prospectors and pioneers before you. Begin, stop, and end in some of Australia’s most diverse cities, and glide through the sprawling desert for an incredible view of the stars.

Enjoy a superior stay abroad your very own travelling hotel, with excellent food, fine wines and a comfortable stay. With a range of off-train experiences included, your adventure is yours to make. What will you do?


  • Single or twin cabins
  • Shared or en suite bathrooms


  • All meals onboard included
  • Fine wines and soft drinks

Other Services

  • Included off-train excursions
  • Superior sightseeing opportunities

Departure Dates

Sydney to Adelaide (2 days/1 night) or Perth (4 days/3 nights)

Adelaide to Sydney (2 days/1 night) or Perth (3 days/2 nights)

Perth to Adelaide (3 days/2 nights) or Sydney (4 days/3 nights)

Please note: At present the Australia government are not allowing international visitors to Australia owing to their Covid regulations. Please contact us for more details regarding journeys for 2022/2023

Gold Single

  • Compact sleeper by night
  • Comfortable seat by day
  • Shared bathrooms



Gold Twin

  • Three-seater lounge by day
  • Comfortable sleeper by night
  • Upper and lower berths
  • Private en suite.