The Overland

A historic route through stunning scenery

This iconic journey has been running between Melbourne and Adelaide since 1887.  Originally this journey was an overnight service, but the service is now run during the daytime, allowing visitors to take in the dramatic landscape of Southern Australia.


About this journey

Your journey onboard The Overland Train is draped in luxury. Recline in comfortable seating aboard either the Red service or the Red Premium service, and enjoy a range of dining options, first-class hospitality, and 60kg of luggage allowance.

The Overland is a relaxing ride day-long through the rugged landscapes of the mallee scrub to fields of gold and green.

There are two travel options for this journey; Red and Red premium. Find out more about them below.

Melbourne to Adelaide

Red Standard Red Premium
Settle into your reserved seat aboard this iconic train. You’ll have a great view of the beautiful landscapes glide past. Each seat comfortably reclines with a generous amount of legroom and an individual reading light.

The licensed Café 828 Carriage on board, serves a selection of meals, drinks and snacks for you to purchase.

The Red Premium Service is the more luxurious service on board. Red Premium seats have more legroom, a trolley service and dining to your seat.

This service is all-inclusive, your ticket price includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee, juice and soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages and snack can be purchased from the Café 828 Carriage on board.

ADELAIDE TO MELBOURNE – Service departing Monday & Friday
For travel 01 April 2019 – 31 March 2020 Monday & Friday
Depart Adelaide 7.45AM
Depart Murray Bridge 9.50AM
Depart Bordertown 11.49AM
Depart Nhill 1.17PM
Depart Dimboola 1.50PM
Depart Horsham 2.17PM
Depart Stawell 3.11PM
Depart Ararat 3.35PM
Depart North Shore Geelong 5.39PM
Arrive Melbourne 6.50PM


MELBOURNE TO ADELAIDE – Service departing Tuesday & Saturday
For travel 01 April 2019 – 31 March 2020 Tuesday & Saturday
Depart Melbourne 8.05AM
Depart North Shore Geelong 9.15AM
Depart Ararat 11.15AM
Depart Stawell 11.40AM
Depart Horsham 12.31PM
Depart Dimboola 1.00PM
Depart Nhill 1.27PM
Depart Bordertown 1.51PM
Depart Murray Bridge 3.50PM
Arrive Adelaide 5.40PM