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China Rail Tickets

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The trains in China are very modern, comfortable and offer a great way to go from city to city.
Most trains have both Second class, First class and Business class seating and seat reservations are possible on most High Speed, Long Distance and Overnight services.

These trains operate between the key cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou passing through some stunning scenery.
Trains also operate across the border from China to Mongolia to Russia and into Vietnam.

China has a vast train network covering in excess of 100,000 kilometers including over 11,000 km of new high speed rail track for the bullet trains which are being rolled out across much of the country linking the major cities up. These new 300 km / hour trains are often making door to door travel times comparable with flying and are a fantastic way to travel.

For those looking for a slightly slower pace overnight sleeper trains are still the most common form of long distance travel. There are 4 berth soft sleeper cabins and some routes such as Beijing to Xian and Shanghai to Hong Kong also have 2 berth deluxe sleepers, some of which also have attached toilets. Standards are high with clean compartments and many trains having well priced dining cars. Punctuality is usually very good on all the main routes.

With so much track the system covers almost all destinations of interest to foreign travellers in China. Despite the high standard of the trains the ticket booking system is still not so modern and with high demand for tickets from the 1.3 billion population it is important to book well in advance. Tickets can be particularly hard to obtain around Chinese New Year and the October 1st National Day holiday week.

The rail network in China connects most cities and towns. The trains are safe, comfortable and very efficient. There are several main lines in China, there is the Jingiiu and Jingguang lines which run from North to South and the Longhai Line which runs from East to West and so on.

The trains run daily and operate to efficient timetables.

By choosing to travel by rail in China you will get to experience the ordinary life of its people and see some amazing scenery from the comfort of your own seat.


Did you know?
The Shanghai Maglev train covers the 30km distance between Shanghai International Airport and the Shanghai CBD (Central Business District) in around 7 minutes.
These trains can travel at over 300 mph.


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