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Rail travel in Alaska

Travel through America’s largest state, famous for its sprawling mountains and wild forests. Alaska is full of wide-open spaces and, being one of Americas least populated states, you’ll enjoy the tranquil calm that comes from exploring the diverse nature and wildlife this fantastic location has to offer.

Alaska’s railway mainline stretches 470 miles from Seward to Fairbanks, connecting communities all along Southcentral and Interior Alaska. The main line was completed in 1923, after 9 years of construction. President Warren G. Harding travelled to Alaska for the occasion and personally drove in the Golden Spike to finish the job. 

In total, the Alaska Railroad provides regularly scheduled passenger service along 482 miles of track – an expanse greater than the distance between Boston and Washington, D.C.

Your journey

The Alaska Railroad operates year-round, with scheduled serviced varying seasonally. The busy summer season stretches from mid-May to mid-September, while the quieter winter schedule will take you from mid-September to mid-May.

Alaskan trains operate between the key locations of Anchorage and Seaward, passing through some stunning scenery on the way.

The trains in Alaska are modern, comfortable and offer a great way to go from city to city. Most trains have Gold class and Adventure class, so there’s a travel option for everyone and every budget.

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