Reserved Business Class Seat

Reserved Business Class Seat


Reserved Business Class seating is the minimum class of service on Acela Express and is offered as an upgrade on many of our short / medium-distance trains.

If you’ve never upgraded to Business Class on Amtrak, you might be surprised at how affordable it is.

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More Comfortable, More Productive…

Most Reserved Business Class Seats offer the following features:

– Spacious, reclining and comfortable seats.
– Comfortable headrests and footrests
– Extra-large tray table.
– Plug in to an at seat power outlet.
– Overhead reading lights.
– Overhead Luggage racks.
– Complimentary newspapers (subject to availability)
– Complimentary non-alcoholic beverage*

*when the train is equipped with a food service car

Advance reservations (by train, not by individual seat) are required. Once you make your reservation, a seat is guaranteed.

If you require any further information on this type of seating accommodation please call us on

0191 246 0708 or email