The Japan Rail Pass is a convenient and cost-effective way to explore the Land of the Rising Sun. This pass allows travellers unlimited access to the extensive network of Japan’s railway lines, including popular bullet trains, for a fixed period of time. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Kyoto, experience the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, or marvel at the natural beauty of Mount Fuji, the Japan Rail Pass has got you covered.

With the Japan Rail Pass, you can effortlessly navigate Japan’s efficient rail system, hop on and off trains as you please, and explore both well-known destinations and off-the-beaten-path towns and villages. It also offers flexibility, allowing you to tailor your itinerary to suit your interests and travel style. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family on vacation, or a group of friends seeking new adventures, the Japan Rail Pass offers convenience, comfort, and significant savings on transportation costs.

You need to purchase a Japan Rail Pass before your arrival in Japan, as it is only available to foreign tourists. So, go ahead and embark on a memorable journey through Japan with the Japan Rail Pass as your ticket to a world of awe-inspiring sights and experiences.


Where can the pass be used?

The Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is valid nationwide and includes all JR lines, that’s both the Shinkansen and local JR lines. In addition to local JR buses and the JR ferry to Miyajima. All at an amazing low price, there’s simply no better ticket to explore Japan with. Passes are available for 7,14 & 21 days in both Ordinary and First Class. Children age 6-11 travel half price. Children under 6 years of age travel free if not occupying a seat, and accompanied by an adult in possession of a Japan Rail Pass.

What’s included?

  • Unlimited travel on all Shinkansen lines, nationwide. Such as the Tokaido Shinkansen between Tokyo – Kyoto and Osaka, the Sanyo Shinkansen to Hiroshima and Kyushu as well as the Hokkaido Shinkansen.
  • Unlimited travel on all Ltd. Express and local trains on the conventional JR lines. Think of the JR Network in Tokyo, like the JR Yamanote loop line and JR Chuo line or the JR Osaka loop line in Osaka.
  • Local JR Buses run by each JR company. For example the Hiroshima sightseeing bus.
  • The JR Ferry to Miyajima
  • Free seat reservations on Shinkansen and Ltd. Express trains.


  • The JR Japan Rail Pass can only be used by visitors entering Japan using a “Temporary Visitor Visa”
  • Japanese Nationals who can show they have residency abroad.
  • Pre-booking time – 1 year
  • “My Son lives in Japan, can I visit him and also purchase a JR Rail Pass for them?” The simply answer is No.
  • When you enter Japan on a “temporary visitor Visa” this status will be stamped on your passport
  • The Japan rail pass will NOT be activated in Japan if the passenger holds a visa which is not a Temporary Visitor Visa with the purpose of sightseeing
  • Temporary Visitor entry status, according to Japanese Immigration Law, allows a stay in Japan of
    15 days or 90 days for “sight-seeing”. If you apply for a “stay for sight-seeing” when you enter Japan, entry personnel will stamp your passport as “Temporary Visitor,” In order to receive or use JAPAN RAIL PASS, your passport must bear this stamp or sticker.












PassEconomy - AdultEconomy - ChildGreen/First - AdultGreen/First - Child
7 Day£335£172£464£237
14 Day£528£270£722£366
21 Day£657£335£916£464





Please note that due to the timescales involved in arranging the JR Passes the start date cannot be within the next 14 days.

Additional Details

  • Once a Japan Rail Pass is purchased, the customer will receive an Exchange Order Voucher by mail, which they will exchange in Japan for the actual Japan Rail Pass.
  • These Stations have Japan Rail Pass exchange offices. (This must be done WITHIN 3 MONTHS from the date the Exchange Order Voucher was issued.
  • At the time of exchange, the customer must specify the date that they want to start using the pass. It can be any date within one month from the date the actual Japan Rail Pass is received.
  • Once the Pass has a starting date written on it, the date cannot be changed.)
  • You cannot buy a Japan Rail Pass in Japan. An Exchange Order Voucher must be purchased outside Japan, prior to your trip.

Refunds: an unused Exchange Order Voucher can be returned for refund less a 25% administration fee within one year from date of issue. Once the Exchange Order Voucher has been exchanged for an actual Japan Rail Pass, it becomes 100% non-refundable.

  • When travelling with a Japan Rail Pass, do not use an automatic ticket-reading gate with a Japan Rail Pass. Please show the Pass at a manned ticket gate.
  • Seat reservations: Shinkansen bullet trains and most Limited Express and Ordinary Express trains have reserved Green Car seats (First class) and both reserved and non-reserved Ordinary Car seats (Standard class). For a non reserved seat, simply show your Japan Rail Pass to board.
  • To make a seat reservation, visit any Travel Service Centre or reserved-seat ticket office called “Midori-no-madoguchi” at a Japan Railways station in Japan.
  • Caution: Please note that during crowded periods you cannot be guaranteed a seat on a specific train.
  • The periods when seat reservations are particularly difficult to secure are as follows:
  • The New Year holiday period is the most popular travel time for Japanese people, for vacations and returns to hometown areas.
  • April 29 to May 5 (Due to consecutive holidays in a comfortable travel season, there is large – scale travel throughout Japan for leisure and recreation.)
  • August 13 to 15 (The “O-bon” season, another traditional time for travel to hometown areas.)
  • In major cities avoid traveling during the morning and evening rush hours (7:30-9:30 and 17:00-20:00).
  • The Japan Rail Pass is also valid for the following buses: local lines of JR bus companies (JR Hokkaido Bus, JR Bus Tohoku, JR Bus Kanto, JR Tokai Bus, West Japan JR Bus, Chugoku JR Bus, JR Shikoku Bus, JR Kyushu Bus) and some of JR highway bus services (Sapporo-Otaru; Morioka-Hirosaki; Tokyo-Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka,Tsukuba Center; Nagoya-Kyoto, Osaka; Osaka-Tsuyama, Kasai Flower Center), and ferry: the JR Miyajima ferry.

The Japan Rail Pass is refundable if it has never been exchanged, A cancellation fee of 25% will be charged at the time of the refund.

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