Worldwide Rail Travel

Worldwide Rail Travel

Explore the world by rail and take in breath taking scenery, cultures and enjoy the journey of a lifetime..

RailTourGuide are Your Global Rail Expert for Worldwide Rail Tickets in the following countries

Alaska Rail Tickets, America Rail TicketsAustralia Rail Tickets we also sell China Rail Tickets where you can take in the spectacular and stunning scenery, we also sell the Japan Rail Passes where you can and experience the amazing Shinkansen “Bullet Trains” where you’ll travel high speed to some fantastic cities. Known for frequent, clean and comfortable trains, travelling around Asia couldn’t be easier.

We also sell Russia Rail Tickets possibly the most famous of all rail routes, THE TRANS-SIBERIAN ROUTE takes you from Moscow to Beijing in around 7 days. You’ll travel across Siberia, through the Gobi desert and then to China. There are several routes to take and RailTourGuide will advise on the best routes and other useful information before you embark on your fantastic journey.

Experience the bustle of India by rail and forget the media images of people on the roof of trains and overcrowding. Long distance trains are safe, comfortably air conditioned and a cost effective way of seeing the sights and sounds of India. Mumbai to New Delhi or New Delhi to Varanasi can be more time efficient than flying and you get the added benefit of seeing stunning scenery on the way we are direct agents for India Rail Tickets and have a small office based in India.

The Rest of the World – Make your journey part of the adventure. Travelling by train is a great way of seeing the world and RailTourGuide can help plan your journey to anywhere in the world.